Step 2 – Find Programs That Best Match Your Type

career center hex Find the Holland Types below that correspond to each of the three letter types you received in Step 1, or choose the three that you feel best reflect your interests and skills. Then review the related Excelsior College degree programs and majors for each of your types.

When you’re ready, learn what you can do with your degree choice in Step 3.

R (Realistic)
I (Investigative)
A (Artistic)
S (Social)
E (Enterprising)
C (Conventional)

About Choosing Majors

  • Studies show that people change jobs 7-10 times and change careers 3-6 times in their lifespan.
  • Choice of a major is only one factor in determining your career path. Your experience, skills, personal traits, and career goals also show employers what you have to offer. Choosing one major or degree program does not define your final career choice, but it will provide direction and opportunity.
  • An Excelsior degree will give you the foundation you need for all of your future career steps. Earn your degree, maintain career awareness, and you will be on your way to a successful career!