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Am I on the right career path? What are my options? How do I prepare for a job search?

These are questions you may consider regardless of your age or life experience. Whether you are a current student or alumnus, learning more about your career potential can enrich your educational experiences and provide a strong foundation for all your future career decisions. To increase your career awareness and obtain helpful resources, take advantage of the many services provided in the Excelsior Career Center!

Excelsior College Career Services is a vital component of the total educational experience. Designed for a distance education environment, the services provided are intended to empower each of our diverse populations to facilitate successful and lifelong career development.

The comprehensive online Career Center offers a multitude of resources and services available in a variety of modalities, for all members of the Excelsior Community. Students and alumni are offered tools for self-assessment, career exploration, job search techniques, graduate school preparation, goal setting, decision making and more. Additional opportunities to increase career awareness include the availability of personal career counseling sessions with experienced career counselors, access to topical webinars and articles, cover letter and resume critique services, interactive mock interview tools, various social media platforms, and an extensive job search database.

The Career Services Office embraces continuous improvement. We strive to ensure that all members of the Excelsior community are afforded opportunities to establish career goals that align with educational pursuits, and to hone the skills that will position them for future career mobility and success in the workforce.

Mission: Empower students to proactively prepare for their unique career and life goals, aligning them with meaning and purpose.

Vision: Inspire and encourage students to pursue professional goals that align with their life dreams.