Big Interview

Virtual Interview Preparation and Mock Interview Tool

Screen capture of mock interview using big interview
What is Big Interview?

Available 24/7, this free resource assists current students and alumni to master the interview process at their own pace!

    • Written materials and video tutorials assist with building & polishing interview skills
    • Two learning options: FAST TRACK for a quick refresher and MASTERY TRACK for a more in-depth set of tutorials
    • Unlimited mock virtual interviews that range from general, to industry specific, and competency based questions
    • Build your perfect interview response using the S.T.A.R. method in ANSWER BUILDER
Why use Big Interview?
Everyone needs to prepare for interviews. Whether you’re just starting out, interviewing for graduate school, advancing your career, or transitioning out of the military to the civilian workforce, Big Interview can assist you as you prepare.

  • General Practice – 80% of questions you’re most likely to hear in the interview process
  • Industry Specific – Covers hundreds of job titles and still growing
  • Competency Based – Check your ability to respond to questions regarding particular skill-sets
  • Admission Interviews –  Includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional school options
  • Government Related – Questions for state and federal job opportunities
  • Veteran Transition – Translate your experience to the fastest growing jobs for veterans in the civilian workforce
Future Students: Big Interview will be available to you once you become an enrolled learner.  Visit our Future Student Resources for information and tools.
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