Federal Employment Resources

Whether you are seeking introductory knowledge of federal work force, the best route for moving up the federal ladder, or tips for crafting a top notch resume, these resources will help navigate all aspects of working for the Federal Government and more. Steps to secure jobs and advance in the federal workplace differ from typical employment processes. Learning the strategies and skills for the federal job system will ensure you are prepared.

Basics of Federal Employment

Benefits of Federal Employment

The Federal Employment Process

This process is more complex than a typical civilian job application.  Learn those details and how to prepare yourself for federal hiring managers, from the beginning of your search through negotiating your job offer and all the steps in between.

Please note: USAJOBS.gov recently changed the look of its site. The information in our linked resources is accurate but the accompanying pictures might be out of date.
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Determine your best fit within the Federal Government. Find which jobs match your major. Learn more about government employment before committing to a job or career.

Explore Federal Careers

Find Your Fit in the Federal Government, gogovernment.org
Federal Occupations by College Major, USAJobs.gov
Pay and the General Schedule (GS), gogovernment.org

Networking, Internships, and Volunteer Opportunities

Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities, USA.gov
Informational Interviews, federaljobs.net
Social Media for Federal Job Searchjob-hunt.org
Networking, Excelsior College Career Center
Social Media and the Job Search, Excelsior College Career Center
Virtual Internship Program, Virtual Student Foreign Service
Pathways Program for Students & Recent Graduates, USAJobs.gov

View the federal hiring & application process from both the job seeker and the government vantage points.

Job-seeker Process

Working for the Federal Government: The Federal Hiring ProcessBureau of Labor Statistics
How does the application process work?, USAJOBS.gov
What is the Federal Application Process?, Federal Job Results

Government Process

Steps in the Government Hiring Process: What Happens to My Government Job Application After I Submit It?, thebalance.com

hiring-inforgraphicImage Credit: fedscoop.com 

These resources cover everything you need to do before you apply for the job. Get an overview of the search and application process, learn how to job search, write your application/resume, and view resources for niche audiences.

Writing the Federal Application/Resume

Federal Resume Writing Tips, gogovernment.org
Create Your Federal Resume, gogovernment.org
How to Create a Resume, USAJOBS.gov
Federal Resume Sample, fedcareerinfo.com
What is a KSA?job-hunt.org
What are KSAs?Department of Veterans Affairs
Master the Federal Resume! [webinar], EC Career Services
Keyword Headers for Your Resume, federalsoup.com
Use a Word Cloud to Emphasize the Right Keywords in Your Resume, clearedjobs.net
Wordle.net and TagCrowd.com Use these site to build word clouds to identify keywords
Writing Your Federal Resume [VIDEO], USAJobs.gov
5 Tips for Communicating Your Qualifications [VIDEO], USAJobs.gov
Make Your Volunteer Experience Count [VIDEO], USAJobs.gov

Find Federal Jobs

USAJOBS Update: Overview of the USAJobs Interface update in early 2016, USAJobs.gov

Resources for Special Populations

It’s time to get the job. Get helpful tips on how to apply to, interview for, and negotiate the terms of your new federal job.

How to Apply

Application, Questionnaires, Essays, and Other Materialsgogovernment.org
Occupational Questionnaire ExamplesOPM.gov
What Happens After You Apply?, gogovernment.org
How to Create an Account on USAJobs.gov [VIDEO], USAJobs.gov

The Federal Interview

The Interview Processgogovernment.org
Don’t Wing it: Preparing for an In-Person Federal Interview Part 1fedweek.com
Don’t Wing it: Preparing for an In-Person Federal Interview Part 2fedweek.com
15 Toughest Interview Questions (and Answers!)govcentral.monster.com
Interviewing ResourcesExcelsior College Career Services

Background Checks and Security Clearances

Background Checks & Security Clearances for Federal Jobsgogovernment.org
Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know, EEOC

Job Offers and Negotiating

Reviewing and Negotiating Your Federal Job Offergogovernment.org
How to Boost Your Salary Offer, govcentral.monster.com
Pay and Leave, OPM.gov

Even though you’ve got the job, your career development should never end.  The Federal Government provides these resources for your professional development.

Career Development as a Federal Employee

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Toolkit, govloop.com
Training and Development: Career Development, OPM.gov
Training and Development FAQs, OPM.gov
Federal Leadership Development Programs, OPM.gov
Senior Executive Service (SES), OPM.gov
SES – Executive Core Qualifications, OPM.gov

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