Focus 2

Excelsior College’s Online Career & Education Planning Tool
For Enrolled Students and Alumni

What is Focus 2?

  • A self-paced career guidance tool.
  • Helps students and alumni to select the right degree program, clarify their career goals, and provide valuable occupation information.
  • Includes the Excelsior College Action Plan so goals can be set into motion.
  • Learn More – Focus 2: Your Education & Career Plan

Did you know?
Students & Alumni Who Use Focus 2 Are More Likely To…

  • Pursue a degree that best matches their interests, skills, and values.
  • Be more goal focused and motivated.
  • Have improved academic performance.
  • Be more satisfied and productive in their careers.

FUTURE STUDENTS: Focus 2 will be available to you once you become an enrolled learner.  Visit our Future Student Resources for a career and education planning tool for Future Students.