Job Search Tips & Resources

Job Search book - croppedJob Search Checklist, Excelsior Magazine
Ten steps to a successful job hunt.

Career Videos: Tips for the job search, resumes, interviewing, and more, Candid Career
If pictures say a thousand words then a video must say millions. Here are a selection of videos covering every area of looking for jobs and performing once you’ve got one.

Vault: Career Intelligence
Vault offers blogs, articles, and industry guides to assist you in every part of your job search.
Find free Career Advice on topics such as Interview Tips, Resume & Cover Letter Samples, and search for Jobs from the best companies.

Identifying Fraudulent Employers & Job Listings
Scam job warning signs and tips for verifying employers.
Tips on navigating online job hunts. Also includes information on job sites, professional associations, networking opportunities and more.
What Color is Your Parachute? author Richard N. Bolles outlines the principles of effective job hunting and career changing, and shares additional job search resources.

Job Searching 101

Changing Industries

The Importance of Company Culture

Salary Negotiation Tips

Juggling Job Offers

Five Ways to Reduce the Skills Gap

Did You Know?

People change jobs 7-10 times and change careers 3-6 times in their lifetime. Keeping job search skills sharp is an important step in your lifelong career development process!