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Archived Chats and Web Conferences

Transferable Skills: Using the skills you have to get the career you want – Are you preparing for a job search? Thanks to transferable skills, you may be more qualified for that desired job than you originally thought. Career Services staff as discusses transferable skills; how to identify them and apply them to your resume to land the job you want. (May 8, 2018) Informational Handout

Careers in Health Care Management – discuss career opportunities in health care management as well as degree programs and career related resources and services available to Excelsior College students and alumni. Featured Panelists: Lisa Rapple, Sem Ganthier, Jonathan Green ’09 ’12 (March 28, 2018) Informational Handout

Preparing for Career Paths in Nuclear Engineering Technology – explore career paths, job search strategies, military to civilian transition, skills necessary to be successful in the in the nuclear industry, and insight specific to candidacy at Exelon Generation. Featured Panelists: Michael Johnson, Dee Torres, Sean Riley (January 24, 2018) Informational Handout

Job Search Tips & Techniques – Whether you’re currently engaged in a job search or planning for one in the future, we have some resources and tools that can assist you in navigating the process more smoothly. Learn tips and techniques that you can begin incorporating into your job search today. Featured Panelists: Shelia Scott ’02 and Sterling Brown ’96 & ’98 (December 6, 2017) Informational Handout

The Art of Salary Negotiation – Many job seekers agree that salary negotiation is a challenging, but necessary, part of the job search process. Once you near the final stages of candidacy, you need to be ready to evaluate an offer and determine if it is appropriate compensation for the position.   This can seem intimidating, but with the right resources for researching and determining suitable compensation, you’ll be armed and ready to negotiate. Featured Panelist: Paul Kelly (October 3, 2017) Informational Handout

Careers in Cybersecurity – During this webinar you will hear from a panel of cybersecurity experts regarding careers in cybersecurity and how to best prepare for them. Additionally, you will learn about resources and services that Excelsior College Career Services has to offer. Featured Panelists: Dr. Andrew Hurd & Dr. Amelia Estwick (March 8, 2017) Informational Handout

Master the Federal Resume – The Federal Resume is unlike any resume you’ve written before.  To get an interview and potentially land a job with the Federal Government, you will need to know what to look for in a Federal job advertisement so you can customize your resume accordingly.  You will also need to know what to include and what to eliminate so your resume will make the cut. (September 14, 2016) Informational Handout

Interview Workout: Getting in Shape for Your Next Interview – In this web chat we’ll get you in shape for your next interview. We’ll discuss key training tips for your warm up (interview preparation), the day of your competition (the interview itself) and your cool down period (wrap up and follow up). We look forward to you joining us for this interesting and interactive discussion on getting in shape for your next interview. (April 25, 2016) Informational Handout

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